Pars mais prends bien soin de revenir. 2012.
Sinopale 4. Wisdom of Shadow: Art in the Era of Corrupted Information. Sinop, Turkey.

Materials : Textiles, lightning system, audio piece.
When Peter accepted the deal, the devil took his shadow, folded it gently, and put it in his pocket. This moment of the story of Peter Schlemihl raised my interest for the question:”what is the texture of shadows?” In this work, I give the unseen part of existence another dimension by giving a materiality to the shadow and developing it in volume. I use textile to adress my work in three dimension.     

I researched characters that lost their shadow in German Romantic literature, i.e.  E.T.A. Hoffmann, De Chamisso, Anderson, Hofmannsthal and made clothes for their lost shadows. The public can interact with the installation by moving and casting their own shadows on the clothes to try them. I consider the work as a tableau vivant that can be activated by the public.  The work made for the Sinopale, it was presented in a jail in Turkey, in this context, I am asking what means bringing light in a space where there is usually not?