Wearing Altona. 2018. All so Near: Textile-Bodies, Chinagirls and Archi-Finance. Künstlerhaus FAKTOR. Hamburg, Germany.

Materials: Textiles, construction beams, printed maps.
The expression « Kleider vor der Stange », invented in Berlin in the seventies, was describing the beginning of manufactured confection.  The project offers the public a new awareness of its city by making the visitors experimenting Altona’s city infrastructures through clothes.
The work was developed for the exhibition All so Near : Textile-bodies, Chinagirls and Archi-Finance. The artists were invited to produce a project based on historic al research on Altona district in Hamburg. In this exhibition context, I produced a serie of 5 garments for workers. The sewing patterns of these uniforms are based on the quarter maps from different time when Altona was a Danish city until now. Dy wearing the clothes, the people can experience their city and its variations in time through a dimensional perspective. The uniforms are installed on pipes used as a sructure for construction as well as for clothing warehouses of textile archives.