I was already feeling that a malignant demon was stirring within me,
multiplied tenfold, a hundredfold, in my eyes.
Le tumulte et le mouvement;
L'homme ivre d'une ombre qui passe

Je m’aperçu toutefois avec surprise, quand il eut fait le tour de la place, qu’il retournait sur ses pas.
Along the same side of the pavement there suddently came into sight, not far from the girl, a gentleman in evening dress,
"She's a girl, and I am sure she is dark," I thought.

A swarm of fresh phantoms.
Er ging langsamer und planloser als vorher– er zögerte.
et la foule était si épaisse,

Listen; do you know what is a dreamer

Contraint à courrir après des ombres plus séduisantes que la réalité; essays on shadows. 2015-2016. Mom Art space. Hamburg, Germany. 24h project|Tart gallery, Zurich, Switzerland. Photo: Jenny Rova et Amélie Brisson-Darveau.

Materials: Wood, audio piece, lightning system, leather
This installation is composed of nine essays on the texture of light and shadows in film noir’s scenography. The particularity of these films is their strong play of contrast between light and shadow contributing to a scary though elegant ambiance. Fascinated by the potential of the shadow to transform its figure, in this installation I propose to the public an alternative awareness to shadows. Interacting with the essays, the public can experiment distortion, transformation and depersonalization through the fuse of the body, thoughts and feelings.
The animated constructions generate resonances between different areas of my researches on shadow theatres and avant-gardes marionettes, dreams, film noir scenographies (costumes and architecture), stories from Allan Poe, Plato’s theory of forms, Meyerhold’s studies on movement, and the Triadisches Ballett from Oskar Schlemmer.